Another Story




2013年2月、レコードレーベル『INTACT RECORDS』と契約。



2014年5月、自身ら初のフルアルバムとなる待望の次作『Truth or Dare』をリリース。

同年8月に行われた『SUMMER SONIC』にも出演。

2015年には『PUNK SPRING』『COMIN' KOBE』といった数々のフェスに出演。

その勢いのままに同年5月、2nd mini Albumとなる『The Company』をリリースし全国を”全公演全曲ワンマン”というかつてないスタイルのツアーを敢行。


同年10月から11月にかけてはフランスのラジオ局JAPAN FMのチャートに初登場4位、その後圧倒的な支持を獲得し、1ヵ月後には名立たるアーティストを抑え1位にランクイン。



そんな人々の裏側に在るもう1つのストーリーを、エモーショナル全開/全壊の世界観とメロディに乗せて、ANOTHER STORYは今、冷たく重い世界の語りべとなる。



(written by Erykah)


Formed in June 2008 with the concept of creating a band that would reach to the world level.

The lyrics twisted with vocalist KeiGo’s native-level English and groovy melody combined with decadent but still fleetingly beautiful worldview of their music has been attracting music fans not just in Japan, but also around the world, as they keep spreading their activities globally.

They held their first overseas show in May 2011 at Los Angeles, USA, and powered by that they toured USA again in April 2012. 

In February 2013 they were signed to record label “INTACT RECORDS”, and released their debut EP “Signs” on August 21th the same year. The EP was created together with Ted Jensen, a mastering engineer known of his work with famous Japanese and international artists.

In 2014 they released their first long-awaited full album “Truth or Dare” in May, and performed at “SUMMER SONIC” in August. They continued to take over big festivals in 2015 by performing at “PUNK SPRING” and “COMIN’ KOBE”, and released their 2nd mini album “The Company”. Following the release of the mini album, they took on a new challenge by touring Japan with “All Songs in All Shows”-style headlining tour.

In August 2016 they performed at “ANIMETHON”, a Japan convention held in Edmonton, Canada. Their performance was highly praised by local audience and industry, proving that they are a band that goes beyond country borders. In October of the same year they debuted on the charts of French radio station “JAPAN FM” by ranking in as 4th. They were welcomed with overwhelming support from the international audience, and after only a month, they topped over famous artists and ranked in as number 1, staying in the TOP-10 for 7 consecutive weeks.

On January 1st, 2017, drummer RYOTA joined the band and they got their current new line-up. 

Passion, insanity, chaos - what everyone subconsciously hides to a place only one fine line away from the ordinary.

The another story on the other side of people, together with emotional and destructive outlook, put on a melody. Another Story is the storyteller of a cold, heavy world.

As if they resist the whole universe with all they have every minute, every second; raging, playing, shouting their fairytale.

Experience the depths of the darkness and light.